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[SAMP] Clan war system.


Apr 6, 2019
So guys my idea is about the clan wars system.
It's like If there is two different clan members trying to prove who is better than who I don't think that /duel is the right way to do it since It won't prove anything.
CW system is the right solution for... let me tell you how.
So CW system will allow you to turn the normal 1v1 or 2v2 duel into a 3v3 or 4v4 duel which shows something like the admin announcement Like this. "Clan war: Clan_1 against Clan_2 match has been started. MAP: (Let's say LVPD or any other bigger map) round 1 out of 3"
And when the match finishes It shows another announcement "Clan_1 has won the match against Clan_2 (3-2)
weapons can be set by the involved clan leaders.
But I suggest (M4 and Deagle as the main guns)
I think that will prove the trash clan from the better one and everything will be settled down.