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Koky's Deathmatch Rules

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by Devin, Apr 12, 2018.

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  1. Devin

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    Mar 12, 2018
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    #1 Devin, Apr 12, 2018
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    In this server, we ask you to consider these rules while playing! We understand newer players need to take some time to adjust to these rules, so we as a community should help them if needed!​

    Here are the rules:

    1. Hacking is not allowed.
    Examples: aimbot, fly hacks, spawning weapons such as a mini-gun.
    Punishment: /ban

    2. Bug Abuse (c-shooting, c-bugging, c-rolling) is not allowed.
    Example: Player shoots -> presses 'c' and shoots -> presses 'c' again and shoots.
    Punishment: /forcerules Bug Abuse. Second offense = /jail for fifteen minutes

    3. Spamming is not allowed.
    Punishment: Muted for five minutes. /ban depending on the severity and/or situation.

    4. No advertising servers or links to cheats.
    Example: Advertising your SA:MP server that isn't Koky's DM or posting links to SAMP cheats.
    Punishment: /ban

    5. No racism. This shouldn't have to be said. Remember this is all just a game. Don't take it out on another player if you're frustrated over dying.
    Punishment: /mute for fifteen minutes. On-going will lead to ban. Also falls under rule 13.

    6. No asking for nudes, leaking, linking porn.
    Punishment: /kick or /mute or /ban depending on severity.

    7. No selling virtual goods in any platforms.
    Example: Selling in-game currency for PayPal.
    Punishment: /ban

    8. Abusing server commands.
    Example: /lobby to avoid dying.
    Punishment: /kick

    9a. Trolling in /report, not giving reason, or not giving a good reason.
    Example: Reporting someone because of their race. Spamming /report for trying to be funny. Reporting someone and giving reason, "spec him plz". Reporting someone for the reason "cheats" with no specific details.
    Punishment: /kick
    9b. Please be specific in /report. Don't just say cheats or hacks; instead, type out what cheats or hacks they are using. Do not be vague.

    10a. Constantly breaking rules after multiple /forcerules and /ajail will lead to a ban.
    10b. Blatantly trolling by breaking multiple rules (simultaneously) for the sake of being funny or annoying is a ban. No questions asked. You are promoting rule breaking and showing the staff team that you don't care. Don't be those people.

    11. Avoid making a complaint about someone rule-breaking in chat. Please get in the habit of using /report, so we moderators/admins can take a look. Admins cannot perform their duty and watch chat at the same time. Also, please refer to rule 10.

    12. Ban Evading results in severe consequences. This also applies to jail evasion.
    Example: Player banned on one of his account and then plays on account that is not banned.

    13. Extreme toxicity and disrespect is a ban.

    14. No spawn killing.

    15. No Third Party Modifcations that gives you a benefit over other players.
    Example: FPSUnlocker (this makes you strafe faster and gives you other nifty benefits - you will be banned if you go above 105FPS)

    16. No backseat moderating.

    Most importantly, have fun. It's a game. The primary reasons to play games are to have fun, take a break from something, and relieve stress. Don't stress yourself out and be frustrated over something that doesn't go your way. Don't lash your anger or insult other players. We want to be a community, and to be a community we need people. Be a positive role model and help those who want to be a part of something. Like I said in the beginning, "[the] community should help [newer players]," so everyone can have a great experience here in Koky's DM!

    (Koky's DM has the right to modify and make changes to rules if necessary. Also moderators and admins have the right to form judgment calls if actions among players may seem detriment to the server, that is or are not stated in the rules.)
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