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ANNOUNCEMENT Introducing the new era of Koky's Deathmatch

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Server Management
Apr 21, 2018
United Kingdom
Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well. This message serves to inform you that there has been a shuffle around in the leadership team at Koky's Deathmatch. For those of you who are members of our official Discord server, you will already be familiar with the fact that Koky has stepped down from his position within the management team, and myself and Dos Santos have taken over as leadership. This was an incredibly hard decision for Koky to make, as he is majorly responsible for the success the server has today. He has however decided that the time has come to pass on the reigns to ourselves, and for that we are grateful. Despite his departure from the management team, he will still be present within the community.

With this change in leadership comes several revisions and amendments to what we currently know as KDM. Over the coming few days, Dos Santos and I will be drafting together a plan for how the server will operate going forward. It is no secret that the game mode development has been somewhat dry lately, with no true server updates for a considerable amount of time. As a result, our priority is to begin producing regular game mode updates like we once had. This could not be possible without the recruitment of our new developers, so be sure to check out the staff list thread to see who those members of staff are.

As you can clearly see, one of our plans for improvement brings a new facade to the forum - we have upgraded our forum software to a more secure and feature-full version, and have introduced a brand new forum skin courtesy of xenfocus. There are still a few aspects of our new forum which require ironing out, so we appreciate your patience while we sort through this. You can track all future developments with the forum by clicking here.

That is all for now. You can expect to hear from me very soon.

On behalf of Koky's Deathmatch Server Management
Not open for further replies.